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edmontonscene's Journal

edmonton music scene
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This is a community for those interested in the Edmonton music scene. I tend to try to catch as many live shows as I can in Edmonton and I'm always reviewing them and adding new ones in my own journal. I started this community so that those interested specifically in the Edmonton music scene had a chance to post upcoming shows and reviews, pictures, etc. This can be about local bands, big bands, pretty much any music happening in Edmonton.

Please watch your grammar and spelling and be nice. Just follow common courtesy and all shall be well. Also, please abide by these two quick rules:

1. Off topic posts will be overlooked within reason. However, shameless spam will not be. An off topic post made in a bazillion other livejournals is SPAM and will be deleted. Try to keep your content relevant. The point is Edmonton music. Any other happenings in Edmonton are welcome of course.

2. Posts with the comments turned off will be deleted. This is a community, conversation and feedback on our posts is what we're going for! There is no need to be afraid of negative feedback. The people in edmontonscene are nice, I've never had to delete a comment because it was inappropriate. If it does happen, it will be dealt with then.

If your favorite Edmonton band or venue is not listed in the interests, please let me know so I can add it. Any other feedback is always welcome!


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